How to use Social Media for Business

How to use Social Media for Business
Event on 2012-11-09 09:00:00

Did you know that the average consumer is 10 times more likely to purchase a product or sevice from a Facebook page, over a website? A recent survay illustrated that businesses who spend 6 hours a week on social media increased their business by 78%. Does this sound like too much time? Not if you consider the overwhelming benefits on the other end. 

Social media marketing is not the latest fad, and it's more than being on Facebook and Twitter. It's a revolution in the way we think, act and communicate with today's consumer. 

Come along to this one day workshop, and gain great insight and understanding behind the processes and principles of social media marketing. Get the knowledge, and skills on how to approach social media marketing, which networks are available, how to write for the social web and a whole lot more.

If you think right, you will act right and if you act right, you will achieve right. Invest in your business now, and sow the right seed for a greater harvest down the line. Once you understand how it all works, you'll be set to take your social networks to a whole new level. 

What are you waiting for? Let's go!!

at Society M (within the Citizen M Hotel)
Hope St
Glasgow, United Kingdom

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