17 Replies to “How to Use the Google AdWords Keyword Tool (External) for SEO”

  1. Hi Jason I’m new to the Adwords tools and I enjoyed this tutorial, it was direct with out unnecessary material. I will come back to your channel to learn more from you. I love the highlighting technique you use. By the way what software you use to do the highlighting in your presentation? Thanks a lot!

  2. Hi Jason, great presentation / teaching skills! I now understand the basics of this whole google adwords thing. Sometimes people forget how valuable a great teacher is. Keep up the good work!

  3. Hi, this tutorial was very good. It was easy to follow and dealt with how to use Google keywords tool to analyse and apply the information to your own website and marketing of your business. Well done and credit where credit is due. A new fan from the UK.

  4. Great video! I was about to create a video on the keyword tool for one of my clients – but your overview was great – so I’m suggesting they watch your lesson. Thank you for saving me an hour today!

  5. What is the cool tool you’re using for marking? and how many keywords or phrases should I use on my website or articles for SEO natural serp?

  6. Great teaching style – Smooth explanation of tool. Loved the highlighting with pen and boxes to isolate sections of screen to compliment your explaining the tool. Keep it up!

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