How To Use The Google Keyword Research Tool

WHY? + Find the best name for a business, website, article etc. + Keyword research for a product or service BEFORE you sell it + Analyse competition for a PPC (Pay per click) ad campaign (eg. google adwords) You want to know what people are searching for WHAT? ———– The best keyword research tool that exists Using the google keyword tool is one part of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) HOW? ———- * You don’t need a google adwords account to use this suggestion tool 1. Goto and enter “google keyword tool” 2. Click the first link: 3. Enter a phrase or multiple phrases 4. In “Advanced options”, select your country (optional) 5. Shows your exact search terms PLUS related ones you wouldn’t normally think of 6. Global searches is worldwide. Local searches is for the country you selected previously. The “Competition” column gives you a rough idea of how competitive the google adwords campaigns are for that keyword. 7. You can export to CSV by clicking “Download” in the top left NEXT? ———- Subscribe! Checkout my Channel! Visit! TAG CLOUD —————— “Google Keyword Tool” “How to use the google keyword tool” “google adwords keyword tool” “google keyword tool” SEO “how to name a website” “how to name a business” “google keyword tutorial” google keyword tutorial 2012

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  1. Sue Soucy says:

    This is great… quick and to the point! Thanks!

  2. PinkOwlCreations says:

    WOW! This is just what I needed. Thank you so much.

  3. AngelicaJul Yngayo says:

    Has anyone tried Keyword Scout?

  4. kailynjulissa says:

    I’ve herd Keyword Scout is good, has anyone tried it?

  5. apon41 says:

    Has anyone tried Keyword Scout?

  6. jl fermin says:

    btw, nice tutorial!

  7. jl fermin says:

    Has anyone tried Keyword Scout?

  8. komposteramig says:

    Karma! And a great tutorial! Thanks :)

  9. Julie Anguay says:

    I’ve herd Keyword Scout is good, has anyone tried it?

  10. Allaine Reyes says:

    You should try Keyword Scout.

  11. DrEfficiency says:

    You can do that with your keyword research. Eg. by typing in Tree Removal Richmond. You can also try typing in the state. Eg. CA or California. You will probably find most people enter in the city though, not the state.

  12. digitaladguy says:

    Good stuff! I do have a question in regards to getting local search information. What’s the best method to narrow searches within a US state? For example, if I want local searches for tree removal in Richmond, VA. Thanks

  13. khan moammar gaddafi says:

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  14. Jahanzeb Nasir says:

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  15. DrEfficiency says:

    Glad you liked it. That’s one of the best thank you posts ever. Yes, I wanted to create these videos without any fluff in them, just get straight to the point.

  16. jaybar2011 says:

    THANKS!!! Finally someone gave me a quick detailed overview of how and why use the Google Keyword Tool. I’m trying to find a domain name for my blog and you explained how I can do this perfectly using this tool -you didn’t waste a single word,didn’t miss anything. I know how to use the tool after hours of articles. I’ll be checking out the rest of your videos and subscribing, Thank you for saving me hours of Youtube searching through meaningless blah! blah! blah! Great work Dr.

  17. Lea G says:

    Thanks for the video, look forward to more. Subscribed.

  18. DrEfficiency says:

    That’s a really great compliment, thanks…I assume you mean a good lecturer at uni? haha

  19. DrEfficiency says:

    Hello from Australia! That’s fantastic firefly. I’m glad I can help you get your message out there…and thanks for liking my vids and for your words of appreciation.

  20. l337firefly says:

    Nice, i’ll be looking out for your upcoming videos, I found all your videos very helpful, this and the rest will help me alot when I create a website for my grandfather, because he wanted a politcal type website to show about whats happening in our country (New Zealand) to make people ‘think’ opposed to people having an opinion. Again thanks alot, this and all will help alot, i’ve subscribed and i’ll like/fav your vids. :3

  21. DrEfficiency says:

    Is this the best keyword research tool out there? Yes or No?

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