How to use Torrentz

How to use Utorrent.
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  1. iTorrentz says:

    Hi, helpingyourpc. (to everyone) Use “ThePiratebay” please, our files for your games won’t work now, by uTorrent or any other usages, we will maybe make one for (our) files soon.

  2. George sda says:

    it asks me to create a free account with indication of my credit cart

  3. dman2841 says:

    does this involve viruses?

  4. Rozh Sardar says:

    it works relly thnx xDD

  5. SuperEasytiger says:

    yes jennaz14 but you can also find lists of free movie? streaming sites on the net too.. try the bestfreestreaming . com site – just put it into google with out the spaces. they have an updated list of the 9 best free movie streaming sites. gud luk girl!

  6. feruza kesete says:


  7. Simon Dodd says:

    really wanted to know how to use torrentz to send to my utorrent, except when i use any 1 of the sites they want me to download loads of shit. u used vector etc and it was instant but everytime i try different things to download i dont get vector. anyway long storry short. do it properly next time and explain how to avoid nuicance downloads of shit.

  8. ronfireworks says:

    thankyou very much…

  9. Concussive BrainTrauma says:

    why? you racist? jk

  10. lookkool3 says:

    how did u make firefox black???

  11. XENTIYON says:

    besides utorrent and torrentz, how safe are those other sites (torrents) that have the movies and files?

  12. mewtwo9887 says:

    what is utorrent

  13. KINGIBYM says:

    How long have you been in space?

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