How to use WordPress SEO By Yoast – Simple

How to use WordPress SEO By Yoast - Simple

WordPress SEO by Yoast is one of my favorite plugins for WordPress and I Highly Recommend it to anyone with a WordPress website! Here, I will be teaching you how to use the WordPress SEO Guide.
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20 Responses to How to use WordPress SEO By Yoast – Simple

  1. Robert McNair says:

    Take a look at this video if you want to learn how to use the WordPress SEO by Yoast Widget. I’m fairly new to WordPress and found this video very helpful. My only suggestion would maybe add how to get the widget as some newbies may not know. Big thanks to Peter for taking time to post this video. 

  2. Gursewak Sidhu says:

    Very Helpful

  3. Robert McNair says:

    Thanks for posting this great video. Really helped me figure out how to use this widget. Have shared on Google + as I know how important it is to get recognition for your hard work. Would urge other viewers to do the same.

  4. Jan-Marie Brooke says:

    Thanks I got my green circle. Yeah. Thank you so much

  5. Bright pink Fashion says:

    Thank you it truly was very helpful 

  6. Lee Nourse says:

    Thanks soooo much Peter. I had already installed YOAST on my WP site, but hadn’t learned how to make it sing for me. As I muddle through this stuff, you are a Godsend Peter. Thanks again. 

  7. DORO says:

    Great quick-start/intro video for those new to Yoast.

  8. scottgvd says:

    There’s a ton more that Yoast can do, but this is a great primer to get you going – good job!

  9. Lynn Alvarez says:

    Thanks a lot. It really worked!

  10. ankur verma says:

    Very effectively presented.. great stuff

  11. Irie Vibrationz says:

    Great video thanks for this now I can share it with my newby staff

  12. Joseph Harris says:

    its easy 

  13. MS5ism says:

    Thank you. Simple to understand, very helpful, just what I needed.

  14. ТМ Пани Марина says:

    thanks man, i tried to do meta description for my own site, but my previous Seo plugins were too simple, this one is cool, i need to use it right,so your video heled me

  15. Tamara Salter says:

    Nice and easy, thank you!! Hopefully my website will start bringing in more traffic. Any other tips?? I’m basically a beginner at websites 

  16. Taylor Johnson says:

    A great walk-through

  17. Farah Rahim says:

    this is helpful. simple anda clear!

  18. Rita Reimers says:

    This was a wonderful video, thank you so much! I shared it in a private group of pet sitters I am in.

  19. Julie Cavaney says:

    Great. Thanks

  20. Sean Brown says:

    wow just what I’ve been looking for Thanks 

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