How to Write Great PPC Ads with Melissa Mackey

In this video interview, PPC expert Melissa Mackey explains four things you can do to write PPC ads that stand out from the page and attract the buyers you want to come to your site. 1. Decide what makes your business truly unique, what sets you apart from your competition, known in marketing as your Unique Selling Proposition (USP). You ad will appear on a results page with many competitors, so you need to set yourself apart. 2. Write your call-to-action. The call-to-action is what you want people to do: buy now, register, download, etc. 3. Incorporate the important keywords into the ad copy, so your ad immediately appears relevant to the searchers. For example, if someone is searching for “blue tooth headsets”: “Blue Tooth headsets, 80% off with free shipping. Buy today.” 4. Include numbers in your ad, to make it stand out on a page of all text. Often you’ll want to include your price in the ad, since you pay whenever someone clicks. So this helps you screen out people who wouldn’t buy anyway. But test this. Melissa Mackey is Search Supervisor at gyro, the largest independent B2B agency in the world. She also blogs at Searching Beyond the Paid where she writes on the topics of pay-per-click marketing and other aspects of search engine marketing. This interview was recorded at the SES Conference in Chicago on November 15, 2011.
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