How to YouTube – Establishing and Growing your Channel

How to YouTube – Establishing and Growing your Channel
Event on 2013-10-15 18:00:00

How to YouTube workshop

               Online video will be more popular than Facebook and Twitter by 2017- Cisco

                 This is the most comprehensive series of workshops on How to Youtube !

Our next series of FREE workshops focused on online video marketing are here. 5 Week Workshop on establishing yourself on YouTube. Every Tuesday starting from Oct 15th 6-9 at Ryerson DMZ 


Some of the topics that we will cover are :

  • How to YouTube : Establishing yourself on YouTube, creating your channel and most importantly coming up with ideas for your videos. Learning about different ways to make money and raise money with your videos.


  • Channel Strategy : How to create a YouTube brand and build cohesive channel strategy. Why some channels go viral and some don't. The most important step towards a being a successful YouTubers is figuring out your video strategy.


  • Video SEO : How to get views ! We will cover Search Engine Optimization and Video Optimization. How to make your videos rank first page for search keywords on YouTube. Optimizing your videos so they will reach the widest audience possible.


  • SEO and Online Marketing : To be great on YouTube you need to be great online. a 3 hour detailed guide on online marketing and social media strategy.


  • PR : How to promote your videos and get the media to feature them. 


  • Analytic : How to track and analyse your viewers to gain actionable insights to help you perform better.

at Ryerson Digital Media Zone
10 Dundas Street East
Toronto, Canada

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