How Verizon Talked Steve Jobs Into an LTE iPhone

How Verizon Talked Steve Jobs Into an LTE iPhone
Speaking at the National Association of Broadcasters conference recently, Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam provided some insight into how he was able to talk Steve Jobs into launching an LTE iPhone, even though the device wouldn't be released until a year …
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Behind iSteve, The Most Intentionally Funny, Least Accurate Steve Jobs Biopic
The goal was to be the first Jobs movie to debut, which means that the timeline was short and the budget tight. Perez wrote the movie over five days, using only Steve Jobs' Wikipedia pages and various interviews as source material–he joked that "we …
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Margaret Thatcher's funeral: She was Steve Jobs, Richard Branson and Lady
Writing in the Spectator magazine, he says: "Margaret Thatcher had the virtues most valued in today's culture: innovation, energy, daring. She was Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, and Lady Gaga all rolled into one — and a thousand times more consequential …

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