HP Envy X2 Clover Trail Z2760 Windows 8 Tablet – Hands On

HP Envy Clover Trail Windows 8 tablet www.mobilegeeks.com HP is coming out with a Clover Trail tablet based on the Atom Z2760 processor running the full Windows 8. We don’t have any official specs but it looks like its 12.5 inches and has a 1366 x 768 display with a detachable keyboard.

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18 Responses to HP Envy X2 Clover Trail Z2760 Windows 8 Tablet – Hands On

  1. bigfellamal says:

    wondering what video hw decoding will be like on this tab. A tab is a paperweight without good hw decoding support. Especially on low power cpu’s.

  2. pauliusval9999 says:

    smityboy2012. you’re talking about microsoft surface pro. except video card…


    core i3 or gtfo

  4. smityboy2012 says:

    Why cant anyone just make the ultimate Windows 8 laptop. A tablet that has a Intel i5 or i7 in the tablet and a dedicated gpu in the keyboard dock that has support for stylus input. Make it so there is different keyboard docks to choose from. Some that just have a battery some that have a 660M GPU. 11.1″ to 14″ touchscreen and at least a 1080p screen. who wouldn’t want this?

  5. smityboy2012 says:

    Will it run minecraft???

  6. Ahmed Saanee says:

    12.”fünf” haha :)

  7. hungryjoe222 says:

    Looks sweet, but… where are the speakers?

  8. MrCPmovieproductions says:

    Oh my god. I WANT IT!

  9. MrCPmovieproductions says:

    O my god. I WANT IT!

  10. MrKennedy500 says:

    0:55 it’s a SD card slot!!! get it right

  11. Fubukii1 says:

    This is an atom device, dont think it is able to run league of legends :/

  12. MrTehnoGuy says:

    0:56 That is a SD card slot

  13. TheLastFoiter says:

    HP Touchsmart TM2 update maybe?

  14. residualwealth says:

    I rather have a Surface Pro with the cover

  15. Jeslino2910 says:

    Can i play LoL on it?

  16. Fubukii1 says:

    I’m scared with the price of this device even with an atom processor … If this is affordable, what a good deal !

  17. satainkara says:

    mac book air – win book 8 )))

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