HTC First comes with Facebook Home Facebook and HTC pair up to offer a super-social Facebook experience for your Android smartphone.

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21 Responses to HTC First comes with Facebook Home

  1. l3monsqu3zza says:

    you have a point there but sometimes it can become too much, and most fb users I know don’t just add their *closest* friends.

  2. Seshom says:

    pffff, dont like it

  3. xForTheRepublic says:

    It’s cute how you’re trying to sound intelligent. For one thing, you don’t understand the difference between speculation and a theory. Then there’s you thinking you can refute a theory with irrelevant probability. How about this time you actually learn something in school, so you don’t sound like a complete retard when you try and make some argument online. P.S. Anyone with access to Google can root and mod an Android device. If this is the basis for your undeserved ego, then I feel bad.

  4. hottchicXOXO says:

    Gooooogle+ & twitter ftw

  5. holapppchao says:

    Kkajja chewbacaa jaja

  6. sl8ted says:

    I wouldn’t use that phone even if it was free with signup

  7. pjtrusci says:

    Facebook is making an attack on Google.

  8. ajazshonaful says:

    Wtf ….

  9. GloriousEgor says:

    Lol Absolutely agree with dboos:D 😀

  10. nico jackson says:

    Facebook Home????? i prepare Twitter Home

  11. dboss812 says:

    Definitely never watch porn with an HTC First… ever. You don’t want that stuff appearing in other people’s news feeds.

  12. Tony Nguyen says:

    It remove the android home screen?

  13. newuser1234567 says:

    Facebook is evil…Zuckerwank is a cock

  14. nudypoo says:

    Was that Chewbacca on the right?

  15. launchsa says:


  16. ShittTooDope says:

    I just want this phone for the stock android, lol.

  17. Ashwin Mathews says:

    and the best part is its not available for any non galaxy/htc devices!

  18. TheLeakedTech says:


  19. Shaan Mahmud says:

    Htc = “having the craft” what else they will come up with Lolz

  20. LMH1019 says:

    worst phone everrrr xx

  21. delfinodiaz3 says:

    That looks nothin like android

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