HTC Windows RT Tablets and Android 4.3

Rumor Roundup: HTC Windows RT Tablets and Android 4.3 Give Netflix a try for 30 days: Jon R is back to tackle the biggest tech…

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13 Responses to HTC Windows RT Tablets and Android 4.3

  1. Ahmad Munla says:

    go home shalom you are drunk

  2. aemehran says:

    Windows RT surface is great. People just need to understand it. It’s an ARM system, 50,000+ apps, but more importantly full flash support. So… you can do EVERYTHING on it. Also, it comes with office suit for free. What’s wrong with that. You get unlimited music streaming on it too. Seriously, it has so so much to offer. People just don’t know it. I love mine, I can play and work on it. It’s good for productivity AND entertainment. I don’t know why people are not realizing this!

  3. peoplethesedaysful says:

    they will, in windows 8.1

  4. Danformable says:

    Microsoft bring back windows 7

  5. Justin Zubko says:

    Remember that april fools joke from google called, gmail blue or something like that. Do you maybe think that google was making a joke about microsoft? @jon4lakers

  6. zpokevac15 says:

    HTC One Tab = mindblown

  7. cfc fan says:

    and no one will purchase one!

  8. adizero215 says:

    The ending..lollll

  9. Dylan Richards says:

    Why shouldn’t HTC be allowed to make tablets? Every other manufacturer does and no one cares…

  10. shamatua says:

    HTC should just stick with phones

  11. MusicVideoJunkie33 says:

    Windows RT Tablets=MS Kin Smartphones=LOL Fail

  12. Jeffrey Calhoun says:

    Ios 7

  13. Garret Byrne says:

    HTC should be smart and stay away from Windows their only starting to really be a big player the last thing they need is to release tablets with windows and undo all of that.

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