Announces Availability of New Course Creation WordPress Plugin

Gainesville, Florida (PRWEB) August 27, 2014

Today marks the first time WordPress users and developers can enhance their site by creating and selling online courses with the new for WordPress Plugin. WordPress sites can now connect to the LFE widget with one click, and create an online course to sell right from their website. The new plugin is free, as LFE works on a commission based model, and therefore all the features are provided at no cost. Once the WordPress user has a sale, then there is a 15% commission, and the course creator keeps 85%. The plugin is available for immediate activation at

Many WordPress users are looking for a new approach to earning revenue from their site, and this is a great way to do that, while at the same time creating value for site visitors. Its not just spamming with ads, its actually teaching people something useful, said Zeev Glozman, CEO and co-founder of

LFEs Course Creation Resources

The WordPress plugin is an addition to the many tools available to LFE platform authors. LFE also features a site app for teachers who have a website hosted by Wix. Now, both WordPress and Wix site users can also sell their courses directly from their Facebook page with the native LFE for Facebook app. In the coming months, the company plans to release even more features to enrich authors’ online classrooms, such as a Mailchimp integration, and a course-importer which imports course material from other platforms without having to create a whole new class.

This WordPress Plugin was created in response to a lot of customer feedback regarding online courses remaining on their own website. We already have a Wix app, but WordPress is a top website host, and we wanted to make our platform available to most amount of users. We are committed to delivering the most comprehensive course creation platform, but also one that remains easy to use, explains Iris Shpasser-Tsur, the LFE VP of Product.

About is an online platform that provides experts in all fields the tools and support they need to create and earn revenue from their online courses. LFEs mission is to bring the power back to the authorby giving them the most comprehensive platform for their courses, then stepping back to watch them thrive and earn what their knowledge is worth. Learning from Experience aims to provide this all-in-one course creation platform with the fairest revenue-sharing model: LFE only makes money when an author does by taking a 15% commision, and the teacher keeping 85% of what they make.


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