Hubble Tour in Google Earth

Celebrate the Hubble telescope’s 20th birthday by taking a tour of Hubble imagery with Sky in Google Earth. To learn more, visit

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12 Responses to Hubble Tour in Google Earth

  1. jeb5567 says:

    awesome vid

  2. frank perna says:

    Come on we are not alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. billywillieme says:

    Check out the Universe……

  4. iheartpingu28 says:

    everyone knows a sombrero is a hat…thats why that galaxy is called that, because it looks like a sombrero.

  5. tedkanode123 says:

    nice clip .. i like it .. thanks for sahring

  6. ArtofDreaming1 says:

    ayn rand said she could care less about the stars what really impresses her is the new york city sky line

  7. Mrjacobby1 says:

    spiral galexy wow

  8. MrSamb01 says:

    O.O wow nice

  9. Hity Gal says:

    Do you ever know what  sombrero means well that was our language it was both in Spanish and Filipino it is a hat thumbs up!!!

  10. loicherry says:

    I would also like to know

  11. Chrisnoscrub047 says:

    this reminds me of how native americans “primitively” named the things around them. “Big Rock”, “Crashing Bend”…etc., That is how these names will be looked at one day.

  12. egerbrass says:


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