Human to cat translator app

Human to cat translation app for iPhone!

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19 Responses to Human to cat translator app

  1. VikingMiguel says:

    This woke my cat up, now he’s staring at me

  2. VidMasterZ says:

    You should buy the horizontal camera app.

  3. kyle vineall says:


  4. thevampire123 says:

    lol YEah Me too lol

  5. deejaydan7 says:

    ajajajajajaja el ipad los hace tener sexo jajajajaja

  6. Francishatepills says:

    Are you talking to yourself? O_o

  7. sebifam says:

    she presses SIT and cats start to fuck:))

  8. Devilzwishbone2009 says:

    Didnt look like fighting to me Sounded more like Marvin Gaye “Lets get it onnnnnn awwwwwwww lets get it on…….”

  9. Fito658 says:

    weird/my cat whiskers is like the same species as your black and white cat and the app says whiskers on the top :/

  10. fartingcow5 says:

    y u film vertical?!

  11. wbariq Montages says:

    This app is good to find your cat when you lost him/her

  12. Deadlycake1 says:

    maybe the pre recorded ones are saying mean things to cats.

  13. NapoleonMeow says:

    @mancon1000 I got that too lol

  14. mancon1000 says:

    I just got the update when I came in a cat face with a loud meow came up trying to scare me

  15. elpelu123 says:

    elpelu123 hiss at your red nails…

  16. kitcatmew2002 says:

    @ajiaditya27 nope Humen to a CatGirl did 8L

  17. austin chappell says:

    why do people record verticly…

  18. pony1net says:

    I think this app is not a good idea. It irritates the cat. Can’t you see it on the video? If you use it for a long time, the cat will not be able communicate with the world around.

  19. electrodarman says:

    Thanks for sharing. I tracked this app down, it’s as stupid as it is awesome.

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