Hungry Shark Evolution hack

Hungry Shark Evolution hack

Root req* Gamekiller : HACKING THE COINS: start the gamekiller app and then start the ga…

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15 Responses to Hungry Shark Evolution hack

  1. frankycastellanos8 says:

    can you do a tutorial i cant put the rooter or something

  2. mejjo trance says:

    that’s right, this is really fantastic. Listen to this, really lucky that i registered and earning more than $40 daily from this web site :). if you wanna try just try now:

  3. nonEgood7 says:

    Bro your phone needs to be rooted for those to work

  4. willesuper93 says:


  5. willesuper93 says:

    Whats wrong can get the root or what the f*** they mean

  6. nonEgood7 says:

    You are welcome buddy =) glad I helped u

  7. mad00insane says:

    now its work after turn off wireless :) ty alot

  8. mad00insane says:

    the coins back to stock after change it to 999999 :)

  9. nonEgood7 says:

    Yes, they will =)

  10. XXhuddy23XX says:

    will the gems and coins remain afeter restart and after deletion of gamekiller?

  11. nonEgood7 says:

    I think so. You can try =)

  12. Tpwn3d says:

    Does this still work

  13. nonEgood7 says:

    That means that your phone needs to be rooted. Check out more about how to root your mobile on YouTube

  14. hernirahmat78 says:

    I have a problem it said root privelage is needed wat does that even mean

  15. nonEgood7 says:

    Bro u should reinstall game killer app. And the when attempting to hack first start game killer and minimize it and the start hungry shark evolution and the carry out the hacking

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