Hush Hush 5 – Secrets of the Ultra Wealthy

Hush Hush 5 – Secrets of the Ultra Wealthy
Event on 2014-11-13 18:00:00


Join Us for an EPIC day of training by keynote speakers who have spoken, coached, trained and authored with some of the largest gurus of their industries such as:

The Trump Organization, Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad Poor Dad), Tony Robbins, Bob Proctor (You Were Born Rich), T Harv Ecker (Millionaire Mind), Nelson Nash, Dan Kennedy (Media Nation), Robert Allen, Laurel Langemeier, pro football hall of famer Fran Tarkenton and so much more!

Just a few of the amazing speakers presenting include….

Bob Doyle- Author of the best selling book and award winning video "The Secret" creator of "The Law of Attraction" World renown author, writer, speaker and keynote presenter.

Greg Scott Reid- "Think and Grow Rich" of the Napoleon Hill Foundation. Author of best selling, "Stickability" and "Positive Impact." Inductee to the Motivational Speaker Hall of Fame. 

Dr. Jeffrey Magee- Hailed an "American Business Guru," Jeff works with businesses and individuals whose goals demand increased productivity and profitability. His programs develop leadership, management and sales skills necessary for reaching your next Performance™ level. Creator of award winning Performance Magazine.

Ernie Chu-  Famed Oprah guest, Financial Executive and genius and creator of the amazing program showing business owners how to obtain, "One million dollars in capital in less than 90 days!"

Keith Leon-As someone who has interviewed over one hundred of the most influential people in the world, created two best-selling books and spoke in front of large audiences all over the world, Keith Leon is one of the foremost authorities on creating strong and powerful relationships that will last a lifetime.

Dr. Yvonne Oswald- Author of "Every Word Has Power", the book that is changing the way people think, Yvonne Oswald Ph.D. is a National U.S. award winning pioneer in the field of personal growth. She is a renowned and respected Communications Trainer and Keynote Speaker, and a Master Trainer of Hypnosis and NLP.

Bob Circosta- Creator of the Home Shopping Network! Bob Circosta is a television host he has a net worth of 0 million. Bob Circosta has earned his net worth as television's first ever home shopping host and has achieved over one billion dollars in personal product sales on live television. Circosta is one of the pioneers of the home shopping industry 

Paula Fellingham- Creator of the Women’s information network/WIN the largest woman’s organization in the world presenting in 140 countries! She teaches how to take your company global! Dr. Paula Noble Fellingham is a Human Relations Expert, Author, Speaker and CEO of the Women's Information Network. Paula is an expert in the family-strengthening arena. She has given dynamic presentations at the United Nations, and at many international conferences. Paula has been a speaker on women and family issues for over 20 years.

Eric Edmeades- is one of the most effective and influential mentors and coach. He has over 20 years of international business experience and owns, or has owned, companies in a variety of industries including mobile computing, data capture, field service, Hollywood special effects, 3D camera technologies and augmented reality gaming. Learn how to take marketing to a whole new level.

Kellie Kuechea- Give her 8 weeks and she will create a ONE-OF-A-KIND brand that takes you from obscurity and omnipresence and positions you to be top of mind in your niche! “She blazes a trail for her clients by utilizing her proprietary methods of decoding 82 different Diamond Facets and recoding them into a highly recognizable and undeniably unique brand that combines their expertise with their Soul Gravity™. Charged with her superior street-smart-savy, intuitive nature and extensive expertise, the Brand Re-coder is well equipped to take an unknown entrepreneur from Obscurity to worldwide Omnipresence, enabling them to
Own Their World.”



The BEST in internet marketing will be made available in Hangouts prior to the EVENT before they come teach us…. Available to all ticket holders!



At this exclusive event you will learn the Marketing and Investment secrets of the Ultra Wealthy…

• In the next two years if you or your business cannot figure how to drive traffic through the net and onto people's smart phones you are out of business….Period! Come learn the tricks of the trade from one of the best in the country!

  • Search Engine Optimization – The Magic Revealed!
  • Social Media Marketing – The Way the Pros Use It!
  • Business Blogging – An Amazing Tool
  • Email Marketing- Building a Successful Campaign
  • Web Marketing for Small Business 
  • Google Analytics & How to Make Them Work For You
  • How to Use Twitter for Sales Leads
  • How to Use Facebook for Increase Sales Conversions
  • How to Use LinkedIn To Create a Cash Machine!
  • How to Build Your List, Generate Leads and Make More Sales Period!

. Learn how to take your business to every single country in the world


  • Learn the HUGE importance of being able to create a sales funnel to capture all your leads and potential sales prospects…increase your conversions period!

GET YOUR MINDSET RIGHT SO YOU CAN MAKE YOUR BUSINESS GROW! Why you can’t learn the secrets of the Rich if you don’t hang out with the Rich. Find out how to surround yourself with the wealthy and wealthy minded to charge your emotional wealth batteries. This maybe one of the most important things you can do on your journey to becoming wealthy!

  • Discover an amazing strategy, IRS approved, that enables you to pay no tax on business income, allowing you to accumulate large net worth and a potential massive retirement account.

• Privatized Banking Concept: Learn how to be your own bank, never have to borrow money from a lending institution again, structured for built in tax deductions, tax free growth and is liquid! Learn why tax professional call this the ultimate investment!

• Capital is the lifeline of any successful business and an absolute necessity. Learn how to obtain cheap capital with no up-front cost to expand your existing business

• Why are you un-necessarily paying self-employment tax as well as other "optional" taxes based on your chosen structure? Learn how to legally reduce your tax liability from 15-50%. It is not what you make, it is what you get to keep that counts!

• Buy stocks, bonds, mutual funds even real estate 100% tax free on a 45 year old program set up by the I.R.S. Warren Buffet bragged of making billions of dollars and paying less tax then his secretary that year. You will have the ability to learn how he did this and be able to afford and take advantage of the very same program

• Beware! The I.R.S. has you as a target; find out what they are looking for. Discover how the IRS can disallow your entity by “comingling” claims and foot you with a bill on all of your past deductions giving many of you an instant 5, 6 7 figure tax bill. Find out how to prevent this catastrophe.   This is extremely important information for those with a business entity, to those wanting to set up a business entity.

• Wealth investment vehicles the rich are using today revealed! A treasure trove of information will be released in this module. Find out the vehicles the best in the business set up to make millions for investors. These programs are now available to you!

• More millionaires have been created investing in Real Estate than ANY other investment out there! Learn the tricks of the trade. Don't want to do it on your own? That is fine…the best in the business will be at this workshop and will even do it for you!

• You will be able to take advantage of some of the best asset protection structures on the planet! Protect your investments and safe guard your business from predators and creditors today!

• If you don’t know when you are going to die then we suggest you get your house in order. Pass on your estate to your heirs, children and loved ones tax free.


  • Is there a system to manage my money better and make it grow even while I sleep? We’ll explore systems, structures, investments that can produce cash flow while growing net worth for high probability success, safety and security.

• Poor people want to own things! Rich people want to control things! If you do not own something can someone take it away from you? Learn to control rather than own your assets and protect your investments.

• Utilize the secrets the wealthy have taken advantage of for the last 40 years and so much more…



Plus Super Bonus

  • A FREE giveaway by ALL speakers to every attendee!
  • Bonus books and classes to help ensure you grab on all this great information and use it to be proactively successful.
  • You will receive the Wealth Structures Ultimate Tax Savings Education Guide filled with 320 pages of unlimited tax credits, deductions, and strategies to put more money in your pocket and less in Uncle Sam’s. All information backed up all by federal laws, court opinions, decisions, statutes and internal revenue code that will literally put 10’s of thousands of dollars in savings in your pocket year to year. You cannot afford to miss out on this.
  • Warren Buffet bragged of making billions of dollars and paying less tax then his secretary that year. You will have the ability to learn how he did this and be able to afford and take advantage of the very same program.
  • Huge discounts will be available for products and services that will allow you to save huge tax dollars and make great rates of returns on your investment year in and year out.
  • You will learn how to obtain free press and publications and have access to free media that will allow you to expand your business model and make you more successful.
  • All this and more…

at Kissimmee, Florida, United States
Kissimmee Lakefront Park
Kissimmee, United States

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