HYDE,JEKLL & ME – SEO JIN ♥ HA NA ✿ so it’s gonna be forever

HYDE,JEKLL & ME - SEO JIN ♥ HA NA ✿ so it's gonna be forever

sorry if I pitched shift the song because this is heavily copyrighted so I really need to distort it…. I’m so crazy about this drama…and the couple …they have so much chemistry…but…

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10 Responses to HYDE,JEKLL & ME – SEO JIN ♥ HA NA ✿ so it’s gonna be forever

  1. De joo says:

    awesome.. Hyun Bin is love <3

  2. Mariana Paz says:

    Woww! This is awesome!! ^^…Seo Jin! Fighting!

  3. monmon popo says:

    This is a so lovely video .. Thank you for uploading

  4. ratih anas says:

    love it.. hope jang hana with goo seo jin character!!!

  5. dyahambar hl says:

    Omg!!! So beautiful!! The effect and all! This casually sum up SJ-HN’s relationship! Thank you! Am down-loading this now! Woohoo!! 

  6. Deny PrimaBTM says:

    Woow.. so cool, like it so much 

  7. Angela Barry says:

    You did a great job on it. I’m team Seo Jin, too. I’m very interested in seeing how the last shows of the season go. Eventually Ha Na will have to realize that if she stays with Robin, she’d be married to Seo Jin.

  8. Hacci Reyes says:

    Kyaaa ~~ awesome ♥ seojin-hana

  9. Sadeva sari says:

    awesome.. count me in team Soe Jin

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