I Google Myself..

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24 thoughts on “I Google Myself..

  1. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Pretty sure you need to voice an animated TV character, like an angry bear or something.

  2. don’t be surprised by all the hate you find also not everyone who is a fan of you is aware that you were on the US version of the amazing race not once but twice

  3. So his avoiding answering the “Is pewdiepie rich?” Question basically said, yes I am rich as hell, but I’m humble enough to not brag about it 

  4. My god pewds was right! look at all the biased christians down there! Just to let you know im christian but i dont give a fuck about religion 

  5. PewDiePie has just gained some respect from me. I’m not like a fan or a sub of him, but I respect what he did. In America the word atheist is almost deemed as a curse word. Atheist are the least trusted minority and most misunderstood. Being an Agnostic Atheist myself and seeing the comment sections of other YouTube videos, I can already tell there is going to be those who hate on him because of it.

  6. i am the same i am a atheist as well but i dont hate the people who believe in make believe things in a big book of nonsense(aka the bible)

  7. Most people would find Pewdiepie very annoying, childish, etc. because of what he does and how he acts in his videos. But with something like this video when you actually get to see sort his real side, you can see that he how serious he can be, how humorous he is, and actually quite attractive lol. 

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