I have a lisp! (temporarily of course :P)

I just got my braces off yesterday and I now have a retainer.

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25 Responses to I have a lisp! (temporarily of course :P)

  1. Brandon Avila says:

    Thats cute ^-^

  2. alexmaster99100 says:

    you look gorgeous…;)

  3. TheJordan21224 says:

    It’s not that bad, lol

  4. hende37 says:

    lol, I had retainers… when they were in that plastic case, it make them all dry and tasted so bad.

  5. Lacee Kabrina says:

    I don’t understand why the tits you made a video about you having a lisp. I’m pretty sure no one really cares? If there was a point to this video, I might understand, but there is no point. I call bullshit, and attention seeking…

  6. Melissa Allred says:

    Hahahahahahah omg I love you

  7. crastification says:

    when the letter s is more often then not pronounced as -th in the word thick /watch?v=x-ua2SpCC5k

  8. belephant987 says:

    what even is a lisp 2 people at my school say i do have a lisp but i dont even no what it is

  9. crastification says:

    people get picked on for their lisp everyday (including me) i just wish it would just leave but it wont..and you think this is embarrassing?

  10. OmfgFred says:

    typo thank you very much.

  11. poopdood321JP says:

    Actually, it’s just, you’re.

  12. poopdood321JP says:

    I just got my retainers today. They’re the generic ones though; not the clear invisilign-looking ones that you have. And with my retainers in, instead of having a strong lisp, I seem to have more of what sounds like a Cockney English accent 😛

  13. TwiinApocaliipse22 says:

    cool you lisps to yours sounds alot different then mine because mine only comes out on random times or when im excithited an speak to fast.

  14. DaveWBedford says:

    No, it’s actually YOU’RE.

  15. ambervance925 says:


  16. xDazlahx says:

    I’d enjoy it more if you got your kit off

  17. TheGnarkill9095 says:

    Major boobage at 0:32

  18. Sonia Bahena says:

    how long did it take for you to talk normal?? i just got mine today :(

  19. Melanie Sandoval says:

    This is not an english class.

  20. OmfgFred says:

    For everyone saying “your hot” It’s YOU”RE… Learn proper grammar..

  21. HDxclan99 says:

    Fit much??????????????????

  22. DG007666 says:

    Your stunning

  23. Zesh Remy says:

    wow you’re very attractive OMG and greet vid btw really enjoyed it… pretty funny haha!

  24. TheAnimalcracker67 says:


  25. Roadiepat says:

    you’re hot lol

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