I have a lisp! (temporarily of course :P)

I just got my braces off yesterday and I now have a retainer.

25 thoughts on “I have a lisp! (temporarily of course :P)

  1. I don’t understand why the tits you made a video about you having a lisp. I’m pretty sure no one really cares? If there was a point to this video, I might understand, but there is no point. I call bullshit, and attention seeking…

  2. people get picked on for their lisp everyday (including me) i just wish it would just leave but it wont..and you think this is embarrassing?

  3. I just got my retainers today. They’re the generic ones though; not the clear invisilign-looking ones that you have. And with my retainers in, instead of having a strong lisp, I seem to have more of what sounds like a Cockney English accent 😛

  4. cool you lisps to yours sounds alot different then mine because mine only comes out on random times or when im excithited an speak to fast.

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