i-SODOG – New Robot Dog Preview

Takara Tomy isn’t scheduled to release their i-SODOG robot dog to the market until next Spring, but we managed to get some footage of the current prototype robot at the Tokyo International Toy Show taking place this week. For more information visit www.robots-dreams.com.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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8 Responses to i-SODOG – New Robot Dog Preview

  1. appleguy1804 says:

    i don’t think anything can be as good as aibo -_-

  2. Loonmightthecoyote1 says:

    i want one ^^ it would be my wappy dog’s bf

  3. MrTurboTash says:

    The motors look a little smaller and stronger, as you would expect from natural progression in electric motor tech. The functional construction of the robot looks the same. Outer plastics have a slight re-design. As for the trick animations, the positioning and timings look like a strait up download from the I-Cybie. Smart phone interaction is a new touch, phones were not that capable back then. If anything this video shows advancement in phone tech.

  4. MrTurboTash says:

    I had an I-Cybie about 10 years ago which looks to be exactly the same.

  5. MeebleMeeble says:


  6. stevejobsd says:


  7. GremioV3 says:

    Looks good, hopefully it also sold outside of Japan …

  8. vstijah says:

    nice one. can it swing tail?

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