I used Google Glass

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25 Responses to I used Google Glass

  1. XxDragonSlayer518xX says:

    It sounds cool?! Technology is about to suck in our lives. Lets not get too far with this. Goggle Glass is like an iPhone stuck to your face. And, it’s just too much technology. We shouldn’t have this!

  2. 4512369 says:

    porn on this lol

  3. RoxyRocksChannel says:

    This product sounds cool, but when it comes down to it, you basically are wearing your phone on your face 24/7 and it becomes a constant attachment to your phone. They said in the beginning of the video that people get distracted by their smartphones… what do they think the Google Glass does? The amount of disconnection from the real world is bad enough already. Now, every family member will have their phone on their faces at the dinner table..

  4. plaincamron666 says:

    I want it

  5. Eryn Fischer says:

    That’s so stupid lol

  6. ArtisticPony says:

    The future is near ;-; NOOOOOOOOOOO

  7. TubeSasu22 says:

    Cookie (Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide) had this before it was cool!

  8. Bruna Blanco says:

    Google wants we are selfish and being treated like a robot, a sadness humanity!

  9. Austin566 says:

    That lady is a geek and shes hot. YES

  10. constant justin says:

    WTF : whats the future 😉

  11. Andre Miller says:

    is it a bill on the glass

  12. ninehoursful says:

    The idea was first introduced by planet Vegeta in Dragon Ball z !!!

  13. Alexandros karajohn says:

    any porno ?

  14. 8Maik says:

    yes it does. 

  15. iSlaya90 says:

    Very true

  16. 4REAL1998 says:

    I’m predicting that android would take over the world in the future. From a simple idea to a search tool , to a smartphone, to accessories (Google glass) and what’s next? This is becoming scary. I hope it doesn’t end up like terminator salvation but this time the sky tower is google

  17. Noah Wilson says:

    i wander if it has to have internet does it

  18. berk saglamgoz says:

    For those of you wandering the cost of these are $1,500

  19. raven50x says:

    Fking goosebumps.

  20. Priteesh Aha says:


  21. kapamagicman says:


  22. GamingGuruXD says:

    The first step to a cyborg generation. Pretty soon our bodies will be made up of half tissue and half electronics. Its pretty scary.

  23. iamtigra says:

    I want et!

  24. ruben santillan says:

    He’s over 9000!!!!!!!!

  25. amapolishplummer says:


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