I Wish We Were Robots – “Just Give In” (Official Lyric Video) – BVTV HD

Listen to I Wish We Were Robots’ brand new single “Just Give In” from producer Colby Wedgeworth! Check them out at: www.Facebook.com Video by: Kori.tv BVTV Links MERCH: www.ShopBVTV.com TWITTER www.Twitter.com FACEBOOK: www.Facebook.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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15 Responses to I Wish We Were Robots – “Just Give In” (Official Lyric Video) – BVTV HD

  1. TheRawryesi says:

    It’s a good song :3

  2. Cris Jacobson says:

    Love you guys !!! Great job as always <3

  3. sonny moore says:

    agreed you guy’s all need a reality check, and brush up on your music before sharing any hate with a band 10 times better than you.

  4. Dominique Halliway says:

    sexy vibe to this song 

  5. ak99superstar says:

    Thank you! 😀

  6. ak99superstar says:

    Agreed! hahaha

  7. ak99superstar says:

    Yeah, they have a bunch of older stuff released online but this is the first time they’ve recorded with a big time producer. =] They have 2 more brand new songs posted on their Facebook page.

  8. crystal black says:

    amazing <3 it

  9. DevilWearsPrada231 says:

    Although the lyrics aren’t the best, they have SO MUCH POTENTIAL. I can definitely look past the lyrics with that talent the clean vocalist has. Should still write better lyrics though.

  10. NuTTYNoRB says:

    I like beer

  11. TheChairbreaker says:

    You said it, hehe.

  12. eric kittens says:

    punctuation. use it.

  13. robertnipples says:

    the next from first to last sound mixed with asking Alexandria this band is going places they have 90% success on this song just from comments on here alone lol the hate comments are from others that are obviously of the lowest wit wih no music knowledge and this type of music is obviously worth alot with 1400 views over night being uploaded yesterday and hundreds of comments with likes for this music its the future of music the only ppl talkin shit are just jealous with their small dicks

  14. runswithscissors1978 says:

    Wow guys… talk about taking it too far with the rape comments. 3 the song guys keep up the great work! !

  15. Leandro Ramos de Souza says:

    Riffs sounds like Memphis may fire- The sinner. I Liked it! Congrats.

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