iBelizean Launches as a Social Network Created Specifically for Belizeans

New York, NY (PRWEB) June 17, 2015

iBelizean announces its launch as a very simple, intuitive and authoritative digital market square for Belizeans and people of Belizean extraction. It is for those who have an interest in Belize and all things pertaining to Belizean lifestyle and culture. As a Belizean digital global village that will serve as hub for all things Belize, it is the worlds very first social network created specifically for and about Belize.

A major benefit that iBelizean offers its members is that it is purpose specific in its intent and focus. It will allow people from all over the world with an interest in Belize & Belizean culture to virtually meet, exchange ideas, make plans, reconnect and bond with each other. For Belizeans and people of Belizean extraction living in diaspora, iBelizean provides a permanent bond to their cultural roots, no matter how far away from Belize they reside. This is a lot more intimate and natural than creating Belizean groups, events and forums on large, generic social networks. Another major benefit of iBelizean is that it is a full functioning social network with all the standard functional capabilities that can be found on other leading social networks. Members will be able to create professional profiles which allows them to create a bio, upload music, photos, videos, create events, create groups, start forums, and share content across other leading social networks like Facebook, YouTube, Digg and Myspace.

iBelizean is a creation of Andre Gray, an inventor of Belizean extraction who widely known as the sole inventor of the Electronic Ticket (1991), Ringtones & Ringbacks (SYNC Programming Language) 1994, Electronic Press Kit (1995), Microgrooves Electronic (worlds first mobile phone music player) 1998, Online Music Sales Certifications (1999) and many more inventions & innovations. He is also known for uploading the very first complete song on the Internet on August 8, 1988 titled, Internet Killed The Video Star, a song he composed in the MIDI format.

For more information, contact:

Andre Gray, Founder & CEO

244 5th Avenue, Suite #N292

New York, NY 10001-7604

Tel: (212) 470-9324

Email: andregray(at)demo-2(dot)com

Internet: http://www.ibelizean.com


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