Ibis Studio LC’s New Module Websites Simplify Web Design for Business Owners

Coral Gables, FL (PRWEB) August 26, 2014

For many entrepreneurs, building a website can feel like reinventing the wheel. Thanks to digital marketing agency Ibis Studio LC’s “Module Websites,” or Ibis MOD sites, constructing an online presence no longer has to be such a challenge.

After years of testing and development, Ibis Studio LC has found platform and software combinations that will help create the most effective, flexible, scalable and SEO friendly type of website. This is why these new MOD sites come complete with everything a company needs to either launch or upgrade its online presence.

“The identity and personality of every company is carefully represented in a design crafted to the taste and needs of the business owner, but the technological features as well as the marketing tools are already included using the latest trends of the industry,” says Jorge Benito, Marketing Manager of Ibis Studio LC.

He explains that many of these features, which clients may not even know about, would require a significantly higher investment if purchased a la carte. Benito says that, “This gives the client the advantage of benefiting from cutting-edge tools at lower costs due to the production methods of this site.”

These Ibis MOD sites aren’t simple cookie-cutter packages, either. The look and feel of the sites can be fully customized, allowing each one to be unique and true to the owner’s value and identity.

The Ibis MOD sites are responsive, meaning that they can adapt the format of the content and navigation elements to the type of device being used to access it. If a user accesses the site via smartphone, for example, the site will optimize itself for a smartphone as opposed to formatting itself for a laptop.

“Visitor behavior architecture is applied in the inclusion of conversion elements, content suggestion and social sharing options that makes sure to generate the highest possible number of leads from every prospect that visits the website,” says Benito.

Each Ibis MOD site has an easy-to-use, user-friendly Content Management System that allows the site’s owner to have full control. It gives the owner the ability to update the site’s information, and can help the owner expand their site as the business grows, adding new pages without additional costs or restrictions.

“Ibis MOD sites come in three different full-featured levels and can be efficiently expanded with future features … added as new modules,” says Benito. “The levels are ‘Ibis Module’ for start ups, ‘Ibis Pro Module’ for existing business that need to upgrade their online presence and ‘eStore Module’ that bring together all the MOD features with a Complete e-commerce suite that allows [site owners] to sell products with as much flexibility and security as they can imagine, with the same philosophy of including all the possibly necessary features to guarantee a successful operation.”

Ibis Studio LC offers a wide range of leading web solutions to their clients. For information about their web design, SEO, branding social media strategies and more, visit ibisstudio.com.

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