Ibis Studio Responds to Customer Demand with New Video Service

Coral Gables, FL (PRWEB) October 31, 2014

Ibis Studio is excited to launch a new video service, ‘White Board Video Explainers,’ to be offered on the Ibis Studio website. This service will allow clients to have the added benefit of video on their websites.

Ibis Studio will create a video file that can contain professional voiceovers, background music, and custom graphics, as well as other state-of-the-art video design amenities. This custom-made video can be posted on YouTube and other social media sites, allowing clients to promote their products and services to customers.

This video will provide better information in a more engaging way, and will be available to be placed on the client’s home page or on internal pages within the site. Videos are only available in English for now, but next year will also be available in French and Spanish.

Ibis Studio has been considering a video service for a long time now, but as more and more clients have requested the service, they decided to standardize the process to make it more affordable, and open the video service up to all of their clients.

The service will launch on November 1, and will be available nationally, for both new and current customers. After clients purchase the video service, Ibis Studio will provide it within five to seven business days.

‘White Board Video Explainers’ will be available at a special discounted price for those who have Ibis Studio’s responsive MOD website, and for businesses that are members of the Coral Gables Chamber of Commerce.

Ibis Studio marketing manager Jorge Benito believes this new video service will be an excellent way for clients to explain any kind of complicated process, or intangible product or service.

“They will be able to communicate their product or service better to their desired audience — because sometimes pictures aren’t worth 1,000 words — but videos are!” Explained Benito.

About Ibis Studio

Ibis Studio is a design and marketing agency that helps companies create powerful, engaging websites. Their services include search engine optimization, mobile optimizing, social media marketing, graphic design and more. To learn more about their innovative web strategies, visit ibisstudio.com

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