IBM Watson: Computer Understands Natural Language

IBM Watson: Computer Understands Natural Language

IBM’s Watson is a real time, natural language processing computer that employs deep analytics and machine learning capabilities to answer questions. Watson’s ability will be tested on the game show Jeopardy! Visit for more information.

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19 Responses to IBM Watson: Computer Understands Natural Language

  1. ThatBoyTLong says:

    This….is…..amazing. I want to find the people who came up with the idea and give them a high five. Lol

  2. moho472 says:

    Wow, this is incredible! Just imagine in a few years we could find a cure to cancer, and it’s because of Watson.

  3. Ryan Austin says:

    yep haha

  4. IBM says:

    This was an informational video about Watson and understanding natural language. This was not an advertisement.

  5. MyMasterController says:

    Was this an add or actual information? I can’t tell :(

  6. MrKidreaper says:

    siri is a search engine with a voice.

  7. compaq1275 says:

    Siri anybody? :D

  8. lovelplants says:

    well im not ibm-er..

  9. perejlm says:

    Ugh, this man always look so smug.

  10. andenandenia says:

    A new thing is being developed by IBM. It´s called intelligence and will prove useful in several areas. Considering the funding, people must think it´s a joke, but it´s probably not! :)

  11. Olin Hyde says:

    Where is the SDK so we can build machine learning into applications? Ouch, I guess IBM still hasn’t figured out how to create a commercial product from Watson.

  12. D3mi4n says:

    Did he actually said “ibmer”?… That’s sad… Like Microsoft-stores-copying-Apple-stores kind of sad.

  13. blackcheesyghoul says:

    yeh, lets work on losing our vocabulary idiots

  14. Angie2343 says:

    IBM is Cyberdyne Systems!

  15. pistachioguy says:

    – not really; I like and respect Jobs a lot, but not a big fan of graphical interface – prefer my good old Command Line, with all its vulnerabilities and hack susceptibilities etc. – Gates was lucky with his call in ’83 (hehe) Best line from Gates: “Hey, Steve, just because you broke into Xerox’s house before I did and took the TV doesn’t mean I can’t go in later and take the stereo”

  16. Gmanster64 says:

    Like Apple?

  17. mistercow09 says:

    Love the Marx Brothers! :)

  18. buckledown94 says:

    The end is near everbody just sayin

  19. exogen55 says:

    let’s build a smarter TERMINATOR. fools, all of you.. ;D

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