IBM's Watson Headed for Phones Tom Simonite

IBM's Watson Headed for Phones Tom Simonite
IBM's Watson demonstrated novel capabilities in understanding natural language when it triumphed at Jeopardy, but until now those faculties hadn't been built into a widely used product. Watson on set of "Jeopardy". Man vs machine: IBM's Watson software …
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Boisterous developers are good for Google Glass
As good as Sherpa's natural language capabilities might be, (it's gotten some favorable reviews) Google and its software developers still have one big lead over outside developers: familiarity with the product. Allowing software to integrate seamlessly …
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Michael Portnoy
JS The idea of the Enlightenment was to induce order within the disorder of natural language by creating these so-called idealized languages. I think there is something utopian and noble in trying to impose this sense of order. You're pointing, also …
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