Ice time highlights rise of the machines

Ice time highlights rise of the machines
In the fall, freshman engineering students made small hockey-playing robots designed to move on the ice. There are Robo-Hockey competitions at schools such as the University of Pennsylvania, but those robots compete in small plywood or tabletop arenas.
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Can't find a toy? Why not build an army of robots instead?
When Jorge's five-year-old son wanted a toy robot that isn't made any longer, he did what any sensible dad would do: He built his son custom robots. He makes the robots out of whatever he can get his hands on; components include computers, TVs, phones, …
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Building 'bots and teamwork
Members of the State-Line Robotics Club were in the process of building a human-sized robot for the FIRST Robotics Club Competition in March. The goal, which the group found out about on Jan. 5., was to build a robot that can shoot a Frisbee through a …
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