iConcerts – Pixies – Where Is My Mind (live)

iConcerts - Pixies - Where Is My Mind (live)

iConcerts – Pop – Pixies – Acoustic : Live at Newport www.i-concerts.com The Pixies are one of the most influential American acts of all time. Initially spanning the late eighties and early nineties, they created the blueprint for alternative rock that would be followed and embellished upon by everyone from grunge to Britpop. After 10 years apart, the Pixies reformed in 2004. In 2005, The Pixies took the stage of the world-famous Newport Folk Festival to perform one of their most unique sets ever. Playing a completely acoustic performance, the reunited lineup of Frank Black, Kim Deal, Joey Santiago and David Lovering give a unique spin to 22 fan favorites!

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13 Responses to iConcerts – Pixies – Where Is My Mind (live)

  1. looneYeah says:

    shut the hell up, wise ass

  2. jm2lowes says:

    i buy beer, makes me unsociable…unlikeable…..absolute opposite from the sober me

  3. Gamblor404 says:

    that’s the best description of tamagochi i’ve ever heard

  4. Veutas Takoyto says:

    heer is my mind 

  5. galida11 says:

    Don’t talk about it noob…

  6. TheAchilles96 says:

    “things you own, end up owning you”,…FIGHT CLUB 

  7. SgtBradleyJ says:

    We buy weeds we don’t need with money we don’t have to impress people we hate. lol kind of like in high school

  8. ugh834 says:

    lol they’re all drunk

  9. AidansGituar says:

    I really like this song. Anyway, please swing by my channel and check out my cover of this song if you have time and drop me a like. Thanks – Aidan

  10. Cian O Dowd says:

    Hey guys please check out my cover of this amazing song on my channel :) It would help me alot… Its great that people still have a great taste in music these days!

  11. OdinTheBlack says:

    lol. It is a pretty awesome song. Just been listening to it over and over. I thing Modest Mouse must have liked these guys as well. Sound similar

  12. Maafa1619 says:

    He liked it like a young Keith Richards liked the Muddy Waters song, Rollin’ Stone.

  13. OdinTheBlack says:

    What he liked it or something lol?

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