Ideal Halo 5 Ranking System (FINAL)

I formally present the ideal Halo 5 ranking system. Please share with 343 Industries via the forums or Twitter if you agree with my chiseled arguments and su…
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15 thoughts on “Ideal Halo 5 Ranking System (FINAL)

  1. Having full day/week/month bans… that sounds utterly draconian. I completely disagree with this system. It will be a turn off for players, not to mention that it discriminates against those who have poorer internet connection.

  2. 343 will just ignore Nak3d Eli and do another Cod style XP ranking system..that coupled with more Cod like features will result in the Halo community hating the most recent Halo yet again, noone playing the game, no MLG support and the Halo franchise will be one step closer to death. Oh well… at least the campaign/social kids will get their Halo/Star Wars erections for a week when the game launches. Thanks Frank O’Connor. 

  3. you just said you should never max out on your xp and then a few minutes later you talk about 800-1200 hours to max global rank. That contradiction just makes you sound like a fucking idiot and it takes away from this whole video. It’s only 8 minutes in. theres 37 minutes. jesus christ eli if you are going to formally present an argument, it can’t be flawed. 

  4. OUT OF EVERYONE 343 DOESNT CALL NAKED ELI TO WORK FOR THEM. But, he might begin working with Google. Please 343 take notes, Bungie worked their ass to make such a franchise that now on halo 4 says “9,451” players online.

  5. NakedEli…you got this down dude! Except for the banning system you thought of, I love what you are saying. Here is something I saw…21:26. You are saying that you want to give a boost for winning, 10% boost, in competitive games. Why would you give a boost like that when you meant that for social matches? If I am wrong, what exactly do you mean by a 10 % boost for competitive victories?

  6. Eli, I know iys nothing to do with your video or anything but I really need to know, does the health regen equipment in halo 3 heal marines?

  7. PUT THIS ENTIRE SYSTEM SUGGESTION INTO Halo 5! Eli gives SO many good ideas, great solutions to obvious problems, and a fair outlook to social and ranked players. Halo 4 was for social players ONLY and that’s why it failed (among other reasons, but I feel the lack of reason to play aka no ranks ruined that game). People both social and competitive enjoy competition to some degree. If there is nothing to compete for or earn that actually takes skill to achieve then why bother? Nobody cares about exp based unlocks after the majority of the population has them. Ranks are something you have to truly work, improve, and cooperate to achieve. Cheating has always been an issue and in Halo 4 343i chose to ignore it, hoping it would subside. That in turn took away the one thing people play for (rank). The online ranks were a joke and a pain to check. FPS games, especially Halo, need a solid competitive arena. We don’t want medals thrown at us for picking up a controller, we want visible ranks, close matches, and at least an attempt at returning Halo to a tournament viable game. Give the Pro players a reason to return to the OLD HALO and bring back the things everyone liked from those games. Eli only discussed ideas for matchmaking/rank systems, but the game also needs to be taken back to the way it was in Halo 1, 2, and 3 (more simple). No I am not talking about making a clone of those games, but 343i needs to strip away all the things that were added from Reach on and try a more subtle approach to altering the game. Armor abilities and ordinance throw off the classic feel of the game. People no longer need to even move around the map to win. I could simply camp for ordinance and then use that ordinance to get more ordinance. Also I could be getting amazing ordinance, while another player could be getting crappier ordinance. Halo is no longer about holding map control and timing weapons. People are no longer on even grounds entering the match. Skill means very little when I can camp with the rockets that just popped into my lap or sit invisible with a sniper in a corner somewhere. 343i you have a legendary franchise sitting under your control waiting to be returned to the status it once held. Please don’t try and continue making a social, everyone gets rewarded, you should be given weapons for doing nothing game. Please bring Halo back to its roots and not just add new things for the sake of change or progress. If that is out of the question, then make Halo 2 and 3 for Xbox One and watch their sales numbers trump Halo 5’s. I do not hate 343i, but I am disappointed in the game that they made last. I understand that they are a new company, but they made their mistake with Halo 4 and now I expect them to learn from that mistake and really win back the praise of Halo fans. Show the FPS gaming genre that Halo is far from dead…PLEASE!

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