Ideas to Fill Video Marketing Needs for Local Businesses with Minimal Investment

Kennebunk, Maine (PRWEB) June 19, 2013

Video marketing for local businesses does not have to be expensive. Many small and local businesses have failed to leverage the ability of video marketing to their benefit. One of the key reasons for this is that such tactics are usually seen as expensive and take a long to do properly. The reality is that there are a variety of basic video marketing techniques these local businesses can start to use now without having to invest a lot of time or money. Helping local businesses save money and increase reach has been a priority for My Local Leads for a long time. These techniques can help those same kinds of businesses start off marketing with online video campaigns without a major upfront cost.

Businesses do not need to spend a lot when it comes to software. Most people think of video creation and editing and they expect to spend a lot of money right off the bat. The reality is that the best software and equipment to provide the crisp, polished look for videos does cost money. There is no need to go for the gold on the first few rounds out or even on all videos even several years down the road. There is inexpensive and even freely available software that businesses owners can use to start making videos to sell their goods and services today. Microsoft Office provides one option with PowerPoint. It is easy to make a video ready to upload to YouTube with PowerPoint. The software will not record a users face or screen, but can be used to put together a creative slide presentation and record special effects and audio. Macintosh systems offer a built in screen capture and audio recording option that can work in much the same way. Yet another option is to use something like Google+ Hangouts On Air, which allows users to better leverage both video and social media marketing to record video that can be uploaded and shared across the Internet.

Pick the companys best sales rep or cheerleader to record the video. While the business owner probably knows the best about their business, it is important to have someone who soundsand isexcited about the business. That energy will transfer across the video well.

Publish short videos on a regular basis. Video blogging is popular and that is because it can really help improve the quality of the site in terms of search engine optimization. It is important to remember to keep the videos shortusually less than three minutesand on point. It is also important to remember to properly tag and describe the videos.

Starting out with video marketing for a local business does not mean that the video has to have all the fancy bells and whistles. There does not need to be a professionally crafted script. Editing does not need to be 100 percent perfect. Local business owners often try out these basic techniques, stumble along the first two or three and then have dramatically different results by the time they do the third or fourth video. When prepared for professional video to enhance online local marketing, My Local Leads can provide the assistance that is needed.

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