Identity thieves target customer loyalty websites

Identity thieves target customer loyalty websites
"The best defense measure is changing passwords regularly and not using the same passwords for different websites," one security expert noted. An official of My Sony Club, Sony Corp.'s loyalty program site, explained the method used in one of the …
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45 best health tips ever
Load up on vitamin C.We need at least 90 mg of vitamin C per day and the best way to get this is by eating at least five servings of fresh fruit and vegetables every day. So hit the oranges and guavas! 16. No folly in folic acid. Folic acid should be …

Webflow Lets Designers Create Websites Without Learning to Code
In 2012, brothers Sergie and Vlad Magdalin started Webflow as a way to empower designers to create custom websites without learning how to code. At the time … The post almost immediately shot up as the top link, and stayed that way for over 12 hours.
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