If Google Was a Guy (Part 2)

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19 Responses to If Google Was a Guy (Part 2)

  1. CollegeHumor says:

    NEW CollegeHumor Channel! CH Illustrators take your weird(bad) suggestions and draw them HERE – http://bit.ly/1mFaBxj

  2. Mingchao Shi says:

    Lol nobody uses Bing

  3. David Jaches says:

    If google was still a guy

  4. Trunks Lorenzana says:


  5. Chris Mallon says:

    “NSA…security…not blackmail” lmao XDDD

  6. Dayton Lam says:

    Bing………………..FUCK THAT ENGINE

  7. antMANscochiey says:

    1:40 Looks like Jack Black if he put on a few stone.

  8. Robert Gater says:

    I JUST HAD A GREAT IDEA!!!! Do if Facebook was a guy that would be freaking hilarious!

  9. Dewet Diener says:

    I seem to have missed the fact that this second part was released a few weeks back.

  10. Sean Njenga says:


  11. Baroness James says:

    Poor BING!!! :( :D

  12. Echoz28 says:

    Tentacle hentai!!!

  13. choipnugget says:

    I love Randall Park

  14. HarryPotter812970 says:

    I love these :)

  15. Yoshi Thao says:

    Tentacle hentai lmfao! 

  16. GP SMAV says:

    How about if web browsers were people?

  17. Lincoln Edwards says:

    fuck bing

  18. Patrìcius Barüz says:

    bing haha

  19. Charlton Gasaway-Caldwell says:

    lol y is bing Asian 

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