If my site goes down for a day, does that affect my rankings?

If my site goes down for a day, does that affect my rankings?

I got a “Googlebot can’t access your site” message in Webmaster Tools from my host being down for a day. Does it affect my rankings when this happens? Sally …
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  1. Just faced problems with my Hosting company today… Bluehost seems to be down and i was not aware of the fact that it was down for a while. And yes… My rankings suck and the past mont analytics report is worth TRASH. So personally i think google does have problems with slow sites and surely the ones which are regularly down!

  2. @bzzydogg – Your problem is most people are not going to adhere to the Jewish Sabbath, so it is a better idea to keep the site up. The guy that owns B&H Photo Video is a Hasidic Jew and 100’s of them work there. They don’t close the site from Friday-Saturday night and Jewish holidays. The site is open but they won’t process orders to my understanding.

  3. @MattCutts – How about a site that is down one day every week consistently, like on the Jewish Sabbath? I have a client who is religious, his site must be blocked to users from Friday evening to Saturday evening every week. There are many Jewish webmasters with the same issue. What is a better approach – a 302 to a splash page or 503 response? Will Google penalize a site like this, mistaking a religious observance for ongoing technical issues? Is there a better solution?

  4. Yes, you are right even I have also seen many of result that is not according to Google update. Such as EMD you can see 7 result out of 10 on Google first page that include keywords in fully or partial in URL.

  5. Its just whatever google or matt cutts said. He knows and we also know that those updates and algorithm not perfect. Atleast it is not that good as it was before. That’s why any kind of website ranking for generic keyword. I also saw website which so new and ranking with black hat (spam) techniques. I am saying this because I got results in my case studies.

  6. This is site ranking with ip address “” in Google.co.in second page at “Bulk SMS” keywords with more than 3 month, previously it is ranking on first page of Google. Why I am sharing this because it is down website or nothing on it and I am wondering why this is appearing on Google search result.

  7. Never came across that problem, but if it did happen – I would say it could be effected but only if it was down for a few day’s or so. Or, if Google indexed your site right when the site went down, that could be a factor. It would be more of a time window factor pertaining to indexing and length of time.

  8. Common man, stop making videos on such silly questions. There are bigger problems and question which you guys never answer, just like @Sam Pizzo asked here. You guys have taken down blogging network and still they have emerged. How funny, you guys are still unable to crack those russian networks. When you guys talk about serious webspam, then take them seriously. Cleaning of Penny auction spam was the biggest mockery of google which made everybody laugh so hard.

  9. Come on… you already answered a similar question than this!! Respond to a real question! Here are 2 awesome questions. 1) Why doesn’t google make there own 404 page user friendly?? 2) Why does Google rank so many directory websites? In a way, Google is a “directory” last thing a user wants to do is visit ANOTHER directory site such as yellow pages? — Go to my website to see the 2 blogs about my 2 questions and what i think about it

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