IFM’s 5 Simple, Logical Steps For A Website To Attain First-Page Listing on Search Engines

Toronto Ontario Canada (PRWEB) April 22, 2013

Every business owner wants their company website to attract thousands of new visitors each and every month. More website traffic will mean more sales, right? Not necessarily so, say IFMs Creative Director, Len Doren. We all want more web traffic. But, achieving more traffic does not always mean quality conversions. In fact, there is so much controversy regarding search optimization these days, many business owners are confused and can be fooled by the get-rich-quick advertisements which promise major traffic from the search engines for next to no cost. The fact is, in this day and age, there isnt a magic bullet. However, IFM offers 5 tips to help increase web traffic to any website.

1) Hosting Plans.

Without a top notch hosting plan, all the web design and SEO efforts in the world may go to waste. For a good hosting plan, look for reliability, being able to up-scale features and functionality as the business grows, look for positive reviews/feedback, and of most importance, easy access to technical support personnel.

2) Website Design.

A good website design, is vitally important when making a good first impression. Make sure the design addresses all of what a client wishes to accomplish when they visit a site balanced with making sure site visitors find what they need easily and without issue. Make navigation easy to understand and use. Ensure call-to-action elements are placed strategically and textual content is understandable and written for the intended audience. Proprietary terms, acronyms might sound professional, but will not be understood by anyone except experts in the field.

3) On-Page SEO.

With so much information about SEO on the internet, its hard to decipher the good, from the bad. Website owners should make sure their website content is informative, easy to understand, and is created for humans, not search engines. Site owners must not forget to create meaningful website page titles, Meta descriptions and to never stuff keyword-phrases anywhere in the content or web page code!

4) Off-Page SEO.

Backlinks are still the backbone of authority on the internet today and ultimately, website owners want qualified web traffic. Qualified traffic is defined as people or businesses who are ready to buy, or are looking specifically to make contact with the site owners. However, not all backlinks are created equal. Having natural backlinks is what search engines look for. Creating compelling content may also encourage other to offer backlinks. Another good way of increasing traffic is to submit a site to niche or industry-specific web directories or article sites.

5) Social Media.

Social Media elements, such as Facebook Fan pages, posting and commenting on forums, are more prevalent today, than even just 6 months ago. Participating in Social Media allows business owners to stay in touch with potential customers. But more specifically, businesses can learn more about what is happening in the industry and how ones website/business is being perceived both the good and the bad. Knowing both the good and the not-so-good, can help with budgeting, marketing and future company growth.

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