IGN News – Grand Theft Auto V Release Date Announced

IGN News: Grand Theft Auto V Release Date Announced GTA V has been delayed, meaning we’ll have to wait a little bit longer before we can step into Los Santos again. Subscribe to IGN for the latest gaming news: www.youtube.com

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16 Responses to IGN News – Grand Theft Auto V Release Date Announced

  1. Tyler Johnson says:

    well that was painful to listen to….

  2. UnorthodoxReviews says:

    Hmmm, sorry… The Metal Gear franchise just popped into my mind…

  3. Karpetburnz says:

    oh, the reason I said China is because Video game consoles are currently banned over there.

  4. GunFightaAtKnight says:

    Fuck! Your killing me Rock * !! But i know it will be worth it. But 7 more months? Fuuuuccckkkk.

  5. expolsionkody says:

    WELL…..that had nothing to do with the video…..

  6. RockinPSI says:

    Does that come with a free virus, etc., etc.

  7. Damien Burns says:

    i know but it would be so cool if they did, Rockstar don’t have to do it the likes of game stop and IGN will do it for them plus you know every talk show is going to talk about it

  8. kieran68607 says:


  9. kieran68607 says:


  10. Jakob Valdez says:

    RIP nintendo

  11. thomasmcmaster48 says:

    This is fucking Bullshit I was really getting excited for it but no it comes out in 9.17.2013

  12. 4tknaruto says:

    You know that’s not happening. Rockstar never releases betas for their games and they never market like crazy. They’re trying to keep it as spoiler free as possible.

  13. gutierrez13jg says:

    Apology accepted

  14. Tariq Sheikh says:

    heyo? hail? hello? the fuck?

  15. ItssChroniic says:


  16. Ptorrescardona says:

    heh, only 250 days. yeah, short delay.

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