IGN Reviews – BloodRayne: Betrayal Game Review

This isn’t a Castlevania game, though it certainly seems like one. And that’s a good thing. Allow Colin Moriarrty to take you through BloodRayne Betrayal IGN video review.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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23 Responses to IGN Reviews – BloodRayne: Betrayal Game Review

  1. Jack Agnes says:

    Actually your just a pathetic little child who has nothing better to do than to sit at home on their computer and shit-talk other people to make yourself look better.

  2. Viktor Attano says:

    Playstation + FTW! Downloading this right now!

  3. MSNDBZ24 says:

    yes, but for him the music is forgettable, and that’s final. You can’t say that you know music and therefore this music is objectively good and catchy… It’s like saying one song from an artist is objectively good… It may be good for you, but for others it may suck…

  4. ionmax9 says:

    The fact that anyone in the fucking world has an opinion doesn’t mean that it is valid. To have a valid opinion you must first educate yourself and know what you’re saying. I, for one, have studied music for more than 14 years, play the piano at professional level and guitar at mid-level and know about all sorts of genres from classical to death metal. That is why my opinion is worth more than a game reviewers opinion in terms of music. So to answer your question I’m not spoiled, I’m educated.

  5. MSNDBZ24 says:

    it his opinion… fucking christ… spoiled brats on here too uh?

  6. ionmax9 says:

    the music is forgettable? It has a catchy tune ranging from classical piano arpeggios to death metal double peds. Sorry Colin u dont know shit about music

  7. Leonel Tijerina says:

    Got this game because I am a Playstation Plus subscriber. After hours of game-play I can confidently say its an amazing game. Its on of those game that does not need voice acting to be awesome and it has a great feel to it. Slashing and hacking enemies is really entertaining so this game is fun. The game is brutal but the feeling after beating a difficult stage is so rewarding.

  8. warriorking4ever says:

    This game looks and sounds fun, but what’s the plot? I mean, is Rayne up against a new enemy or is she after Kagan again?

  9. Mattmattymattymatt says:

    sooo… this guys say that this is better than payday?… are you kidding me?

  10. OHNOEZBEEZ says:

    Pissed me off

  11. calypso694 says:

    does this have a new game plus?

  12. MrCubish says:

    sounds like Yngwie Malmsteen wrote the soundtrack to this game lol

  13. iHollisterCo says:

    just want to know if this game is fun?

  14. Jboylive21 says:


  15. TheAgol07 says:

    NOT on ps VITA ?? THAT’S FUCK !

  16. TheAgol07 says:

    You know what ? i don’t care if you take orders from your reproductive organs which are kick-worthy

  17. brandon Latchana says:

    it is

  18. WickedDragon86 says:

    This game was terrible.

  19. Mrcapo100 says:

    Playstation plus Bitches! ^_^

  20. ProtecSirius says:

    Awesome game. One of the best downloadable games around. Old school gaming, nice graphics, good music. I really hope konami would do a hd version from Symphony of the night.

  21. qetesh1987 says:

    you guys should make it for the psp and psp vita, it will really sell and plus people like bloody games on booth systems i know i do. And plus it has a style like Castlevania i think that’s what got my attention.

  22. cokewaveism says:

    the game is hard as balls

  23. Aaron Palumbo says:

    I like how the picture for the video is Bloodrayne naked holding her boobs. Brb, going to Google Images for a minute…………

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