IGN Reviews – Crysis 3 Video Review

Is Crytek’s new Nanosuited shooter dressed for success?

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23 Responses to IGN Reviews – Crysis 3 Video Review

  1. TheKillyWilly says:

    Halo - 2004 Battlefield – 2004 CoD – 2003 Try harder.

  2. TheKillyWilly says:

    Halo CE is a rip-off of CoD. Halo CE introduced degradation in the FPS genre. Halo CE is dead and so is the latest Halo 4. MW4 is coming up in the end of 2013 to slam all remaining lesser games down the drain of oblivion.

  3. PeteM91 says:

    TheKillyWilly is obviously a troll, and yet you fools keep feeding him…

  4. mrcrazycookies117 says:


  5. vxSMOKEYxv says:

    lol. Made me laugh. Thanks man

  6. TheKillyWilly says:

    Crysis is a horrendous failure of an FPS game. CoD stomps out Crysis with ease.

  7. y05077 says:

    I know, I just want to one day catch a glimpse of what goes on inside their heads. But hopefully soon CoD will die off and gaming can become about games again and not new colour patterns for shooting blokes in brown shirts. (I can dream)

  8. marentes310 says:

    wasn’t it the original Halo that started the craze for the FPS games and gave the popularity to the first person shooters?

  9. TheKillyWilly says:


  10. Dante Esser says:

    i agree pretty dope game predator bow badass

  11. jose9758 says:

    Even halo came out in 2001 dude…

  12. DoTheTruffleShuffle7 says:

    Crysis actually takes skill, as do Halo and Bf3. But CoD is shit anymore, and it gets worse every year. And also CoD is not the original shooter, there are many great ones before it, including Halo (2001) and Battlefield 1942 (2002), CoD didnt come out till 2003.

  13. DoTheTruffleShuffle7 says:

    @TheKillyWilly Ok, you have to be either trolling or you an 8 year old. CoD is the joke of the gaming community, it’s outdated and will die soon. And when it does die, the shooters that are over looked will rise. Crysis 3 destroys CoD: Black Ops 2.

  14. tonynoter says:

    You shouldn’t feed the troll mate. Everyone knows CoD lacks originality after the first MW (which was good for its time). And CoD is finally loosing sales (well, started to after BLOPS) so it’s pretty safe to say that people are starting to get tired of buying a new map pack for the price of a full game.

  15. TheKillyWilly says:

    Call of Duty is the first FPS game we know of. FPS strted as such with the release of Call of Duty in 2003.

  16. TheKillyWilly says:

    Crysis is one of many bad shooters which are all CoD rip-offs. Call of Duty is the one and only original shooter and the Grandmaster of all FPS.

  17. Michael Muse says:

    Call of Duty most definitely did NOT starts the FPS genre. Seriously, dude. Your post is so full of shit, it’s unbelievable.

  18. Sam Cowen says:

    quick advertising where you work on youtube.

  19. TheKillyWilly says:

    You have anger issues. Seek help. I’m here to enlighten and instruct. If you have a problem with this, leave.

  20. TheKillyWilly says:

    And you must be another enraged Youtube infant with unstable mental constitution? I guessed so and I’m probably right.

  21. y05077 says:

    Your taste is for paranoid gun nuts, or sweaty 12 year olds.

  22. Leo Carney says:

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