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The Sims 3 University trailer bit.ly The War Z’s Foundation Release is a disappointment. Find out why in our video review. Subscribe to IGN’s channel for reviews, news, and all things gaming: www.youtube.com

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  1. XxNewmilleniumxX says:


  2. XxNewmilleniumxX says:

    my opinion the game is not that bad they patched alot of shit im not going to lie even though they stole the shit out of dayz ideas.i like it i rather play this then dayz just because of the bugs thats it,warz really cleaned out the patches.but when dayz standalone come out i can honestly say warz has no chance the only reason i play warz because i fiend out for dayz standalone..CANT WAITT!!! COME ON DEAN!!!!

  3. Sulphixx says:

    This game I agree it’s not day z standard but you have to think its only in foundation release and honestly it had a better zombie engine eg zombies can’t walk through closed doors or zombies can’t climb ladders. These are the things that put me dayz. In the near future dayz and warz will be two very closely matched mmozs ( zs means zombie survival)

  4. SharkWithLazer says:

    How can anyone like this? This is literally one of the worst titles to come out in the last decade. It’s horrendous

  5. SuperRiley01 says:

    Yah I agree (thecluckingtiger)

  6. TheCluckingTiger says:

    I like the war z…

  7. MoJoh0426 says:

    Don’t even bother getting this game. Oh yeah btw there are a lot of games that are less than $10 on steam that would keep you busy and interested for a while.

  8. JoeBee9 says:

    Agreed. Between the incompleteness, the fact that the Terms of Service were copied from League of Legends (unchanged URL’s pointing to the LoL site included), screenshots lifted from Walking dead, the game being mostly based on an already built title War inc, screenshots that aren’t in the game, it has scam written all over it. Glad Steam pulled it from the store. This garbage doesn’t belong there. Wouldn’t expect much more from the guys that brought us Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing after all.

  9. MrGaming20ten says:

    This game is shit, but you might wanna look up the definition for scam.

  10. hauntedvideogame says:

    You don’t play many games, do you?

  11. ManaFear says:

    I’ve played this game and I can say, it’s bad. DayZ is way better.

  12. alejandrofg95 says:

    Si les gusta War Z chequen mi canal porfavor!

  13. WissMongler says:

    i could care less about this game but the fact that you lose gear that you payed for with real money when you die is silly. Beyond silly. Never played the game but looking at it. Its not much looking forward to. 

  14. Tyler Wilson says:

    I completely agree with you. Everyone keeps badmouthing it and doesn’t even realize that its still in alpha. Sure it needs a little work, but like you said, its one of the best games I’ve ever played.

  15. l0nelydude says:

    Why is the guy whispering the review?

  16. domino9two says:

    It’s $15, but it’s rife with technical issues, and it’s mislead consumers into thinking it’s a finished product, which it clearly is not. What’s more, is that the game deliberately wastes your money, being able to spend real world dollars on ammo or equipment is a huge waste of money when it disappears when you die. If it’s not a rip off, I don’t know what is. Also, you learn to English.

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