IIHF World Championship 2013 Preview & Open Thread

IIHF World Championship 2013 Preview & Open Thread
Who's going: Oh hi there, Gabe. This is the one time of year when we all uncomfortably remember that you're not as North American as you sound. For everyone following him on Twitter, here's a convenient link to Google Translate – you're going to need it.
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Dear Gardner and Kate,
Google translate a lay-up question for extra friendship credit. The presentation also offers a means of transitioning to post-thesis life. Immediately sweep your friend off to Molly's, Murphy's or to take shots in the Novack bathroom. Then, refuse to …
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Google Translate, más que un traductor
MOUNTAIN VIEW, California, (AP) — Google Translate realiza una cifra récord de 1,000 millones de traducciones diarias. Tal cúmulo de texto podría llenar un millón de libros. Las traducciones se realizan con diversos fines, desde entender un menú para …
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