Ikestra + Mahogany Hand Glider + Godzilla Black + Cleft

Ikestra + Mahogany Hand Glider + Godzilla Black + Cleft
Event on 2013-04-28 00:00:00
Full Line Up: Ikestra + Mahogany Hand Glider + Godzilla Black + Cleft

Destroy All Monsters presents…

Destroy All Records showcase featuring…

Ikestra Mahogany Hand Glider
Godzilla Black

We are proud to announce this incredible line-up for what will effectively represent exactly 2 years of Destroy All Monsters gigs which eventually lead to the birth of our new label Destroy All Records. To celebrate we've brought together the two awesome bands from our roster Mahogany Hand Glider and Ikestra along with 2 bands which we are big fans of and think you should be keeping an eye on in the future. Because this is sort of a birthday/ celebration of all things great and wonderful about the music we love and are passionate about, we want you to bring the party too! There will be lots of exciting special surprises, prizes and few people in disguises!


The mighty strong collective of 7 musicians reaching out to bring together an eclectic mix of sounds from jazz to progressive rock, hip-hop, funk to Latin and afro beat rhythms. While being musically diverse they are ultimately an awe-inspiring live band that bring life and movement to the audience through their tight musicianship and infectious yet body jerking grooves. Their self-titled debut album is out now on Destroy All Records and features the smashing single 'Sprinter'.

Instrumental 5-piece straddling the line between post-rock and math-rock but through the lense of the Hubble telescope, looking outwards beyond the cosmos on an inter-stellar psychedelic journey. While being very progressive Mahogany Hand Glider manage to weave these beautiful instrumental motifs that become so catchy and unforgettable you begin to forget there was any need for the human voice in teh first place. Having released their debut EP 'Naked Huf' last year they're now back with their follow up 'Bless The Fat' which will be available from 29th April on Destroy All Records and available at this gig.

These guys are a dark twisted foursome from London featuring ex-members of Hawk Eyes, Astrohenge. Like that Pissed Jeans line "when a smile becomes a stare" it's difficult to know where you stand between their peril filled rhythmic assaults and their charming fairy tale absurdity. Possessing the grinding filth of bands like the Melvins and the playfulness and Primus and Mr. Bungle Godzilla Black bring something so enjoyable it makes the muscle and bones beneath your skin want to start making babies together. The band have been putting the final touches together for their long awaited second album which we're sure you'll be hearing a lot about very soon.

Delightfully filthy but graceful turbo-Prog duo from Manchester. Formed in November 2011, when Dan & John found each other (and themselves) on the internet, despite only living two miles apart. Originally from the deep South, and after a spell in Brighton where he discovered the joys of cheese, Dan moved up North to Manchester. John moved down from Lancaster at exactly the same time. Since then they've been condensing 14 minute prog songs into 3 minutes and having a lot of fun doing it. So far they've released the relentless fun-packed EPs 'Utter' and 'Whale Bone' which kind of sound like a giant mechanical robot from the future furiously smashing his way through a city when all he really wants is just to be loved. Is that too much to ask? Certainly not.


Sunday 28th April
Brudenell Social Club
£3 (adv.)/ £4 otd

at Brudenell Social Club
33 Queens Road
Leeds, United Kingdom

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