Illustration by Mark Hammermeister

Illustration by Mark Hammermeister
When Ken Makovsky forecast a “golden age of PR” in a 2011 interview, I rolled my eyes. What else would an agency guy say? But as The Observer surveys the landscape of New York's public-relations industry circa 2013, it looks like Mr. Makovsky wasn't …
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Redskins Facing Name-Changing PR Disaster
What if you were a successful business owner in one of the five largest metropolitan areas in America? "Sounds pretty awesome!" What if your business was so successful that over 80 years it built one of the most dedicated and loyal customer bases in …
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Local Jobs: Auto Store Manager, Public Relations
… hire paperwork, coordinating the hiring process, and ensures compliance with laws and other regulations. Key activities include: employee relations, recruitment, training and compensation administration." Learn more about the position and apply online.

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