I'm a Mommy Blogger and Proud of It

I'm a Mommy Blogger and Proud of It
The expression, as it is most commonly used, is patronizing at best, derogatory at worst. What's more … Now I have a website, where I write about parenting and children—the tragedy of sibling rivalry as much as the comedy of a six year old's staged …
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Drupal sites had “hours” to patch before attacks started
Last year, for example, attackers used brute-force password guessing to attempt to gain control over Web servers running a variety of content management systems, the most popular of which are WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla. In 2012, attacks on CMS …
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Learning to forget faster: Latest Firefox version brushes up on browsing privacy
For all of you sharing a computer with a roommate, significant other, and/or family member, Mozilla is introducing a new way to maintain the privacy of each user. It's easily accessible, fast, and hassle-free. Most importantly, it can wipe out …
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