Ima Robot – Greenback Boogie (Suits theme song) [lyrics in description!]

I DO NOT OWN THIS SONG OR ANYTHING RELATED TO IT. Theme song of TV series called Suits. See the money wanna stay, for your meal Get another piece of pie, for your wife Everybody wanna know, how it feel Everybody wanna see, what it’s like Baby wanna be a queen, well alright…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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21 Responses to Ima Robot – Greenback Boogie (Suits theme song) [lyrics in description!]

  1. Kay Lingling says:

    This song is so weird. And I love it!

  2. JoMicJay132 says:

    clicked “show the comment” and the journey began, this is a bloody long conversation!!

  3. Dave Scott says:

    suits is so gooood its the best

  4. michelle mafusire says:

    everyone hatting on harvey should shut up and piss off!!! suits is totes good mofos!

  5. madisonduquella says:

    i love suits

  6. MrStyxmaster says:

    Thank you, sir. I apologize for my keyboard, and that is indeed what I meant.

  7. William Banks says:

    this is not forum

  8. NovaStalker says:

    Please just shut up. You’re clearly too retarded to be entrusted with a keyboard and a forum to voice your opinion.

  9. William Banks says:

    im 100% serious and rick hoffman is the worst actor ever

  10. Bathaap says:

    Not sure if serious, Rick Hoffman is one of the best actors.

  11. William Banks says:

    if suits had good cast it could have been good, not with rick hoffman and all the others…

  12. MsHorrorbraut says:

    You know, I don’t know Boston Legal, but even if it WAS a rip-off (which I do not believe is true), doesn’t mean that the show sucks.

  13. William Banks says:

    my mommy have me enough love, thats got nothing to do with this, the show sucks and thats e nuff said…

  14. henrypan12111 says:


  15. MaKayla Snider says:

    I want Harvey and Donna to be a couple!!

  16. MrStyxmaster says:

    Look man, you are indeed entitled to your opinion, but you are not entitled to be a rather large jackass to an excellent show just because mommy didn’t love you enough. stop acting like a 12 year old who thinks that they can be “swag” because they call all women “bitches”, treat women like objects, and generally disrespect all forms of society.

  17. MrStyxmaster says:


  18. Deniqua Frye says:

    I want Pearson Spector on the door!

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