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  1. This special will pay tribute to million-seller songs, which are masterpieces of Korean music history. From Cho Yongpil to Kim Gunmo, Byeon Jinseop, and Jo Sungnmo’s songs, it will be a march of national songs that we all listened, sang, and loved. Stay tuned to find out which team will seize this honorable trophy! Immortal Songs 2 | 불후의 명곡 2 : Ailee, Davichi, Gummy, Homme, Seo Inyoung (2014.09.20) http://youtu.be/X6rjIM12W2M

  2. The first part of Immortal Songs’ “Million Seller Special” is perfect for the last day of Summer (or Winter, if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere). Whenever I watch, I’m just in awe of the performers…and reminded how much I have yet to discover when it comes to music. But I hope you enjoy…till the next part.

  3. I am so upset that DickPunks didn’t win because I always love their performances and I didn’t like Inyoung’s at all. She has a nice voice, but I think her performance was just way too much and I was honestly very surprised that the audience liked it. I’m also surprised that Davichi and Tae 1 didn’t win a round either.

  4. What’s wrong with the audience at IS2? Yes almost all artists at IS2 are great but Davichi were superb even for their own level. And then they were beaten by fun guy Hong Kyungmin who only scored 388?! It seems even in the best music show posing becomes more and more important than singing skill. IMO Minkjung/Haeri or Taeone should have won

  5. Copying this from my comment on another video: The guy who sang with Ailee is: 전준용/Junyong Jeon… stage name: 제이요/J-yo (Twitter: 9109jjy). He is part of a trio called Lucky J/럭키제이 (members: J-Kyun (제이켠), Jessi (제시), J-yo (제이요)) under YMC (company of Ailee and Lucky J). Ailee and J-Yo’s performance was very light and simple, but I agree with the guy who said that this song is not the best choice for a competition. A lot of Ailee’s earlier IS2 appearances showcased her powerful vocals and performance, but I like these kinds of fun performances too. J-yo’s voice is smooth like butter. ^^

  6. Another great episode!!! I loved Kyungmin’s performance and I agree that Ailee’s performance is not that strong since the guy she’s with took most of it.. Great job to Kyungho-nim and perfection from Seo Inyoung who made my eyes go wide with her cute but sexy outfit it really made her legs looked long…too bad Dickpunks had to go after her, now the second part performers will have a hard time catching up to her and I’m sure they will try to perform better..The backroom talks always make me smile…Immortal Songs hwaiting..

  7. The moment that HK was named to battle agains Ailee, I knew she would be in a disadvantage because HK is very good and more experienced. Then when I heard the orginal ver of the song Ailee is going to sing, I’ve already known that HK will win because it wasnt that catchy and fun (even though that song sold million copies). And then in the performance, it was more like Ailee featuring in the song. The guy with Ailee is good but he has too many part and his voice is not really loud and clear. Thats just my thought pls dont hate me.

  8. I prefer davichi’s performance over kyungmin’s, honestly. but both did a great job! Love, love, love seo in young! I didn’t like her outfit that much, but her “show” is really enjoyable. that woman can sing!

  9. Ailee, i love watching immortal song because of you, the new and fresh yet powerful like whitney houston on our generation. Thus, i think although you are lost early today, but you have great chemistry with that man. Furthermore, your company is a really big fool if they not make a duet song with that boy, sorry i dont know his name . Make official song with him and top the charts for weeks with this kind of concept, you know, like ‘some’. Sweet, youthful and full of chemistry. Finally, for international viewers, although she lost early in this episode, i think the cut clip of her version will be ‘voted’ by watching it over and over again..that the real vote!

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