Improve Business Now – 4 Week Course (Starts 5 June 2016)

Improve Business Now – 4 Week Course (Starts 5 June 2016)
Event on 2016-06-05 10:00:00
Who would benefit from attending this course? This course is suitable for any of the following:  Anyone who wants to create a website on a budget  Business Start-up's looking for business management tools to support and streamline productivity Entrepreneurs, Artists, Musicians – anyone who wants an online presence Graduates looking to start their own business  What you get: Clear instructions to create a professional website Guidance to set-up efficient business management systems (financial and administration) Practical techniques to make your website work for your specific needs ​Marketing & SEO insight and tips An opportunity to network Opportunities for questions and answers WEEK 1 – PROFESSIONAL WEBSITE DESIGN (05 June 2016, 10am-11am) Organise your business information into a professional website and attract your customers Learn to differentiate what content does and doesn't work on your website Design a results-driven website to suit your business needs Questions and Answers/Discussion WEEK 2 – BUSINESS MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS (12 June 2016, 10am-11am) Streamline your business with simple finance & administration tools Discover systems to manage finance and stay on top of cash-flow Learn simple tools to help you stay organised from day-to-day Questions and Answers/Discussion WEEK 3 – SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION (SEO), MARKETING & SOCIAL MEDIA (19 June 2016, 10am – 11am) Learn indirect marketing methods that bring more clients to you Discover the art of retaining clients ​ Design and publish attractive marketing materials Questions and Answers/Discussion WEEK 4 – FOUNDATIONS OF BUSINESS OPERATION​ (26 June 2016, 10am-11am) Review best practices of business etiquette Discuss essential qualities of business leadership Develop a solid foundation in a plan that allows for business growth Questions and Answers/Discussion How much for the full course? (4 week course) Bookings & Enquiries: | 07 3844 3876

at West End Natural Therapies Centre
11A Sussex St
West End, United States

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