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26 Responses to Improve Google Ranking Instantly Using This High PR Backlink Trick

  1. Wendy Mathews says:

    James, I see you’re using commentluv premium? Do your instructions work with the free version?

  2. Nautical Oceans says:

    Hi again, sorry to be a pain! Once ive posted onto a board, my comment is awaiting moderation, but i have a strike through my name….ekkk!!! : ) ? ..what does this mean can i ask? Thanks in advance

  3. Gordon Dewar says:

    Wow James that was amazing am so glad I sat and watched it all.To begin with I thought “oh no another BS sales spiel,blah blah blah buy here click there”,but no you were great m8.Will definately click ur link above and I have liked and subscribed.Have a Merry and a Prosperous one m8,you’ve made my year.

  4. lalit lohani says:

    hello James….you are a genius man…thanks a lot dear… Please keep posting this kind of stuffs!!!!! God bless you!!!!

  5. Sandy Harworth says:

    Thanks for a very informative video.

  6. Caleb On The Track says:

    Do these back links help rank my main page or do they rank my blog page? Thanks! 

  7. Biswajit Dutta says:

    Hi is this method gona hurt Google adsense ??

  8. anthonynvideos says:

    Please give me the code which you were suppose to give for finding high page rank sites 

  9. HelloImMatt says:

    This only works for WordPress sites right?

  10. ivailokrustev says:

    If I put a link to an youtube video, will it still get ranked ?

  11. Wajahath Khan says:

    My latest post is not showing in commentluv is there anything to add on my website

  12. HowtoHumor says:

    Hi, thank you very much for the information. Question – does this essentially mean that if I go to a site that has this commentluv application, and see other users who’s names and links are “lined through”, that they will not pump my rank? Ive, been going through sites for over an hour and every single site I’m going to is lined through. Thanks again for your help.

  13. Perfectleaf1975 says:

    safari some how isn’t fully downloading… I tired it 3 times it drops down to download but when i search i can’t find it … it download find in chrome but … the page setting isn’t there in chrome like your video

  14. Aaron N says:

    can you maybe talk less next time and get to the point?

  15. Pro Shutterblade says:

    where can I get the link for using comments luv you used in your video.

  16. Nautical Oceans says:

    Ah great, thanks for pointing me in the right direction ++++++++++++++++++

  17. Lemiya Rasheed says:

    Hey James, Great video tutorial! I am already on my way implementing it. Is it okay if I copy-paste the URL of my blogpost coz I found only one of my posts in the list below the comment box(which I cannot put there bcoz it is not relevant to the post to which I am commenting). I found out that I need to post at least 5 comments to be able to view 10 of my recent blog posts.

  18. Kafeel Channa says:

    I’m gonna give this a go and if it works, that it subscriber for life. Fingers crossed.

  19. Sean Helm says:

    Ok so I watched the video. So my understanding is the line through the name etc is a no follow? So how many reply comments can I leave on on particular blog to get a back link. I see like 3 people I can comment on. Do I comment on all 3 or do I only get credit for commenting on 1? Hope this makes sense.

  20. jiji073ANGEL says:

    thank you for sharring tthis was verry helpful !

  21. Justin Kavanagh says:

    I have done everything you instructed in this video but I did not see an option for sorting by page rank in google search results. Maybe google has changed there settings since this video was published.

  22. thereyoflite says:

    On a lot of the sites I am going to, the links from commentluv are nofollow?

  23. Natan Dotan says:

    using the keyword “photography” just before the code leads to many different results BUT photography nich blogs, thoughts?

  24. Rey Idowu says:

    This is GENIUS

  25. Kafeel Channa says:

    Yeah so I saw your video for the course and want to sign up for it, however how can I know that I can trust you, because I have signed up to things like this in the past and have just been scammed, so I’m a bit caution when it comes to things like this. 

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