Improve internal linking for SEO: Calculate Internal PageRank

Improve internal linking for SEO: Calculate Internal PageRank
For this reason, the way you link the pages on your website plays a big role in how search engines crawl, understand and rank your site. As an SEO practitioner, how do you make sure your site architecture is optimal and that internal links are …
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How Many People Have The Same Birthday As You?
The result is this cool heat map, originally shared on The Daily Viz and reposted by Laughing Squid, that ranks each day by how common it is for a birthday. The darker the color, the higher that day ranks from 1 to 366 in birthday popularity. (Stiles …
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Daily Mail falls for Porter's Log Caesarian Sunday prank call
Quotations attributed to an eyewitness in the Daily Mail's annual coverage of Caesarian Sunday were in fact produced in a hoax phone call, Varsity has learned from a source at the satirical student website, The Porter's Log. … Atherton has also …
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