Improve your online presence using effective content creation & copywriting

Improve your online presence using effective content creation & copywriting
Event on 2013-07-09 09:30:00

Part of our Coffee & Cake Computer Training Series

So your have a website, you are on Facebook ,Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn. You have a networking profile… the list goes on. But all these ways of accessing the world only work if they are consistent with your image and marketing. Do they all say the same things about you? Do they all have the same ‘call to action’?

Creating clean and simple content, based on the main things your visitors want to accomplish online, is essential to successful marketing. Ensuring the content is suitable for both large and small-screen environments only complicates things. Most people can manage some of it, but very few people can manage all of it. We’re here to change that.

This workshop will demonstrate how to structure, plan and create exciting text, images and video to increase website traffic and improve your search engine ranking.

You will learn how to:

  • promote your business or organisation online
  • write structured website content and create effective calls-to-action
  • optimise your website for search engines (SEO)
  • define your audience persona’s
  • use social media to your advantage
  • keep your audience engaged with high quality images and video

This course is a collaboration between Emily Keal from Online toolbox and Martyn Carey of MCS Copywriting. Emily brings a wealth of experience in online marketing, website design and social media management. Martyn Carey is a commercial copywriter who specialises in writing interesting and attractive websites as well as creating the insertions for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and blogs that flow from those websites.

Together they will teach you how to create your web presence, make it as attractive and interesting as possible and then make the contents not only something that people want to read but something that will make them want to use your services.

at The Oat Hill
31 Kettering Rd
Market Harborough, United Kingdom

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