Improvely Shows Online Store Owners How Customers Found Them Without Asking

Lansdale, PA (PRWEB) September 12, 2012

Measuring the results of marketing campaigns, social media and other sources of new customers has traditionally been difficult for small businesses. Business owners had to ask each customer how they heard of their store and make a guess about whether their time and money spent on various promotions was worthwhile. A new app for Shopify stores from marketing analytics service Improvely allows their 30,000 shop owners to automatically determine the exact source of each new customer.

Improvely today launched its app for the Shopify App Store. Improvely makes it possible for any online store to measure the exact response to online marketing campaigns, social media promotions and search engine optimization efforts. The web-based service keeps track of the source of each visit to users’ websites, then links this information with customer records when any of those individuals makes a purchase. This allows Improvely to directly attribute a store’s revenue to the marketing campaigns that generated it.

The new Shopify App brings Improvely’s revenue attribution tools to Shopify’s 30,000 shop owners with a push-button integration. In just minutes, a store owner can be up and running, learning the source of each new purchase on their site. Improvely offers detailed reports breaking down results by marketing campaign, search engine, social media site and other sources. Store owners also receive an e-mail each time a purchase occurs on their site with a report detailing all the previous visits to their store by that customer, allowing the owner to see which advertisements or other promotions may have contributed to that sale.

Improvely features multi-touch attribution, typically only available in enterprise software too costly for individual online store owners. This ability shows Improvely customers the interaction between different advertisements, social media campaigns, search traffic and links from other websites. For example, a store owner can learn that their customers often find them through an ad, but later return to their store from a review on Yelp before making a purchase.

Improvely offers monthly subscriptions starting at $ 29 per month at

The new Improvely Shopify App for Shopify store owners is available at no extra cost at

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